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Bein Arim Tower100proposed(1)
Egged Tower81cancelled(3)
Keren HaKirya Main Tower80proposed(1)
Azrieli Center Ellipse Tower85proposed(1)
ToHa Towers 163proposed(3)
Dofen HaKirya60proposed(1)
Haargaz Tower 155stale proposal(1)
Keren HaKirya Residential Tower A50proposed(1)
Sarona Azrieli Tower61built2017(4)
Tara Towers55proposed(1)
Renault Tower51stale proposal(2)
Maariv Tower50proposed(1)
Arlozorov Young Towers57under construction(1)
Midtown Office Tower50built2017(4)
Azrieli Center Circular Tower49built1999(7)
Midtown Residential Tower50built2017(2)
Azrieli Town Residences51under construction
Rom Tel Aviv50under construction(2)
Azrieli Center Triangular Tower46built1999(7)
H Infinity Tower II50proposed(1)
H Infinity Tower I50under construction(1)
Elco Tower45built2011(7)
Sarona Hotel46under construction(1)
Alon Tower B42built2017(1)
Alon Tower A42built2017(1)
Da Vinci Towers 244under construction(1)
Da Vinci Towers 144under construction(1)
HaArba'a Towers41built2017(2)
Sitonai Market Tower 448proposed(1)
Sitonai Market Tower 348proposed(1)
Sitonai Market Tower 248under construction(2)
Sitonai Market Tower 148under construction(2)
Kirya Tower42built2005(5)
Meir on Rothschild Tower40built2015(1)
Azrieli Town Office Tower40under construction
Azrieli Center Square Tower42built2008(7)
Keren HaKirya Residential Tower B45proposed(1)
Park Bavli Tower D44proposed(1)
Park Bavli Tower C44under construction(1)
Park Bavli Tower B44under construction(1)
Park Bavli Tower A44built2018(1)
Recital H Tower34under construction
Adgar 36036built2015(2)
Vision Tower35built2011(3)
Neve Tzedek Tower44built2007(3)
W Prime43built2015(1)
Haarba'a Tower 235built2017(1)
Yoo Tel Aviv 241built2007(5)
Acro Tower32under construction
Manhattan Tower41built2009(2)
Vitania Tower II40cancelled
Vitania Tower III35cancelled
Marganit Building17built1987(2)
First International Tower32built2008(5)
Shalom Meir Tower34built1965(4)
Yoo Tel Aviv I39built2007(5)
Rothschild 2228built2013(3)
Levinstein Tower35built2000(4)
Dolphinarium Tower 136proposed
Tzameret Tower III34built2001(3)
Tzameret Tower II34built2001(3)
Tzameret Tower I34built2002(3)
Congress Tower34proposed
Shadal Tower30under construction
1 Rothschild Boulevard32built2010(2)
ELA Tower35cancelled
Ayalon City30cancelled(1)
Bank Discount Tower30built2006(3)
Remez Tower31built2012(2)
Tel Aviv Tower 434built2013(4)
Tel Aviv Tower 334built2013(4)
Africa-Israel Tower28built2011(3)
Beeri Nehardaa Tower31built2008(1)
White City Residence29built2015
30 Rothschild Boulevard29built2011(3)
Engel Center31cancelled(1)
Gindi Sarona 331built2014(1)
Gindi Sarona 231built2014(1)
Gindi Sarona 131built2014(1)
WE TLV 131under construction
Rubinstein House28built1999(4)
Frishman 4629built2011
Aviv BaTzameret Tower30built2009(1)
Frishman 46th28built2013(1)
Tel Aviv Tower 234built2001(5)
Tel Aviv Tower 134built2001(5)
Matcal Tower17built2005(2)
G Tel Aviv24built2010(2)
W Boutique29built2013(1)
Delek Motors Tower28under construction
WIZO Tower 230proposed
WIZO Tower 130proposed
Tzameret Dankner30built2010
Isrotel Tower29built1997(3)
Gymnasia Tower30built2016
BSR Tzameret 330built2014
BSR Tzameret 230built2014
One Tower28built2008(1)
NAM Tower30built2011(1)
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