It is the capital city and the largest city in Korea.
It was the 14th century Joseon Dynasty that the city became the capital of the Korean Peninsula in earnest.

The city's name was Hanyang in the past.
In the early 20th century, it was colonized by the Japanese Empire and changed its name to Gyeongseong.
After Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule, the name of the city was changed to 'Seoul' and was occupied by the communist forces twice during the Korean War.

After the war, Seoul grew into a huge metropolitan city thanks to the rapid economic development called the 'Miracle on the Han River.'

The historical center of Seoul is Jongno, a historic place since the Joseon Dynasty.
There is Jongno Building, the trademark of Jongno.
Jongno has the oldest skyscrapers in Seoul.

Gangnam is the main street with the largest number of office buildings in Seoul. Many offices are concentrated here.
Typical buildings include the Trade Tower and Samsung Town.

Yeouido was developed as a financial complex. Many financial-related buildings are occupied, and the tallest building in Seoul is gathered. Representatively, there are Parc.1 building, Seoul IFC complex, 63 building, and FKI building.

Jamsil has Lotte World Tower. Also, there is Lotte World, an amusement park loved by Seoulites.

Besides, there are many downtown areas such as Yeongdeungpo, Sindorim, Yongsan, Hongdae, Cheongnyangni, etc.
Seoul has more than 10 metropolitan cities, and it only takes about an hour to get to Incheon, the third largest city in Korea.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set regulations to regulate the growing number of high-rise apartments.

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SC Jeil Bank22built1988
Gateway Tower24built1991
Seocho Hyundai Lexion25built2005
Seocho Hyundai Tower30built1997
President Hotel27built1974(1)
Hana Financial Group Myeongdong Building24built1981(1)
Raemian Blesstige 21433built2019
Raemian Leaders One 10332built2020
Kyobo Building22built1983(2)
Eulji Hankuk Building20built1986(1)
Banpo Central Xi 10132built2020
Raemian Sinbanpo Palace 10830built2016
Center Place23built2011
Seocho Prugio Summit 10234built2017
Gaepo Raemian Forest 10933built2020
Gaepo Raemian Forest 10433built2020
Seocho The Sharp 10132built2006
Raemian Wellstream 10234built2016
Raemian Seocho S-TIGE 10133built2016
Raemian Seocho S-TIGE S 20430built2018
Raemian Seocho S-TIGE S 20230built2018
Raemian Seocho S-TIGE S 20130built2018
CBS Headquarters20built1992(1)
Gongdeok SK Leader's View 20129built2021
I'SPACE Jamsil27built2001
Tower the Most Gwangjin Acrotel24built2014
Hanshin Intervalley 2422built2007
Raemian Sinbanpo Riocent 10432built2019
Acro River View Sinbanpo 10432built2018
Rin Square22built2002
Gangdong Station Metro Tower22built2015(2)
Avenue 6724built2021
The H Xi Gaepo 80730built2021
Songpa Helio City 21934built2018
DMC Park View Xi 12533built2015
DMC Park View Xi 11933built2015
Korail Retail Headquarter20built2015
Centreville Reus 10734built2020
Centreville Reus 10634built2020
Hillstate Gwanak New Foret 10332built2022
Banpo LE-EL 20230built2022
Acro Tower Square 10431built2017
DMC tower20built2012
Sindorim SK view 10128built2006
KBS Media Center21built2007
Godeok Artheon 32632built2020
Godeok Artheon 31632built2020
Godeok Artheon 31332built2020
Cheongdam Xi 10132built2011
Godeok Raemian Hillstate 30531built2016
Ace High-End Tower 620built2009
Samhwa Tower19built2012
High brand19built2005
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwangjin Grand Park 10833built2021
ENA Center20built2014
Raemian Leaders One 11231built2020
Yongsan Wonhyo Lumini29built2022
Seocho Acrovista A29built2004
Shilla Stay Seocho25built2017
Lotte City Hotel Myeongdong25built2015
Orange Life Orange Tower24built1997(1)
Yeouido KT building21built2004
Daeyoung Building21built1984
IBK Industrial Bank Headquarters20built1987
Health and Welfare Administration Town20built2021
Raemian Sinbanpo Palace 10132built2016
Ace High-End Tower 320built2009
Times Square20built2009
Raemian Seocho S-TIGE 10332built2016
Shinhan Bank Annex24built1999
Seokchon Lake Nine Park A22built2017
Raemian Wellstream 10833built2016
Woorim Blue Nine Business Center25built2008
IPark Forest Gate27built2013
Woosung Character Bill26built1998
Raemian Jangwi First High 50532built2020
Raemian Jangwi First High 50432built2020
Seocho Central IPark 20131built2020
Seokchon Lake Nine Park B22built2017
Raemian Solvenue 10332built2019
Gongdeok SK Leader's View 20228built2021
KTB Building19built1994
Yeoksam Xi 10331built2016
Yeoksam Xi 10231built2016
Dongjak Hyupsung Huefore Signature 103-10529built2022
Dongjak Hyupsung Huefore Signature 10129built2022
SK Leaders View23built2006
KAIT Tower20built1997(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang Songpa Park Central 20433built2021
Character Greenville27built2000
Yuhan Tower20built1997
Nongshim Shindaebang office20built2007
Acro River View Sinbanpo 10131built2018
Lotte Castle Cheonji-in Tower JI30built2004
Lotte Castle Cheonji-in Tower IN30built2004
Lotte Castle Cheonji-in Tower CHEON30built2004
CJ Ninepark 20128built2007
Eunpyeong St. Mary's Hospital17built2018
Songpa Helio City 11233built2018
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