It is the capital city and the largest city in Korea.
It was the 14th century Joseon Dynasty that the city became the capital of the Korean Peninsula in earnest.

The city's name was Hanyang in the past.
In the early 20th century, it was colonized by the Japanese Empire and changed its name to Gyeongseong.
After Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule, the name of the city was changed to 'Seoul' and was occupied by the communist forces twice during the Korean War.

After the war, Seoul grew into a huge metropolitan city thanks to the rapid economic development called the 'Miracle on the Han River.'

The historical center of Seoul is Jongno, a historic place since the Joseon Dynasty.
There is Jongno Building, the trademark of Jongno.
Jongno has the oldest skyscrapers in Seoul.

Gangnam is the main street with the largest number of office buildings in Seoul. Many offices are concentrated here.
Typical buildings include the Trade Tower and Samsung Town.

Yeouido was developed as a financial complex. Many financial-related buildings are occupied, and the tallest building in Seoul is gathered. Representatively, there are Parc.1 building, Seoul IFC complex, 63 building, and FKI building.

Jamsil has Lotte World Tower. Also, there is Lotte World, an amusement park loved by Seoulites.

Besides, there are many downtown areas such as Yeongdeungpo, Sindorim, Yongsan, Hongdae, Cheongnyangni, etc.
Seoul has more than 10 metropolitan cities, and it only takes about an hour to get to Incheon, the third largest city in Korea.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set regulations to regulate the growing number of high-rise apartments.

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E&C Dream Tower14built2006
Daeryung Post Tower 314built2007
Doksan Station Lotte Castle 10520built2021
Hanyang Securities Building18built1991
Ace Twin Tower 214built2003
Ace Twin Tower 114built2003
Jindo Building14built1988
Tregio Building13built2007
Nongshim Shindaebang office Seongmu Hall12built2007
Hyundai Department Store Mia11built2001
Shinwon Metroville15built2006
Sinnae Desiang Plus Knowledge Industry Center12built2020
Sami Building14built1992
Hotel the Designers Dongdaemun17built2015
JCS Tower15built2015
Intec Olympic Park View15built2004
YBM Gangnam Center13built1977
Nonhyeon Building11built2015
Center Plus11built2004
Seyang Afax15built2003
JW Tower14built1990
Seoul Forest Dream Towre13built2015
Seongsu IS BIZ Tower13built2015
Centreville Reus 10320built2020
Woori Financial Sangam Center12built2017
Korea Racing Authority Gangbuk Branch12built2001
Dongbu Centerville21built1998
Ima Building15built1983
Konkuk University Hospital13built2007
Raemian Mokdong Adeliche 11217built2021
OWL Tower15built2004
Hotel Acasia15built2008
EQ Building15built2004
Daedong Building14built2006
Westin Chosun Hotel18built1970
I'SPACE Jamsil 215built2003
Hannuri Building15built2000
Gyeongwon Building15built2006
National Center for Mental Health Building12built2016
Sky Ophthalmology Building10built2015
Rivera Hotel15built1987
Islex Tower15built1976
Gangnam Taeyoung Desiang Lube15built2005
Ulim Ibiza Center14built2003
Cheonglyong Building15built1989
Gwanjeon G Tower18built2019
Samheung Building 214built1991
Cheongho Building13built1997
One Building15built1993
Shinyoung Building14built1990
Seowon Building15built1993
Hansung Motors Mercedes-Benz Cheongdam Sho...14built2008
Ace Biz Foret13built2019
Novotel Ambassador Doksan14built1997
Sanggye Kyobo Life Building13built1999
APM Place Shopping Mall12built2006
Mega Building14built2007
Center Building16built2003
Woonam Building15built1991
Macrogen Building15built1993(1)
Hyoryeong Building15built1985
Sindeok Building13built2003
Christian Baptist General Assembly Building13built2013
Seoul National University Hospital Biomedi...12built2000
Seongsu SK V1 Center 212built2020
Seongbuk-gu Office12built2009
Samdeok Building12built1985
HM Tower16built2010
Tris Building13built2002
Sotetsu Hotels The Splaisir Seoul Myeongdong17built2015
SKY 1004 Building15built2010
Central Tower14built2011
Garden Five Life11built2008
Lotte Department Store Mia10built2010
YP Center10built1998
KT&G Euljiro Tower14built1988
KCC Headquarters14built1994
Chisun Hotel Seoul Myeongdong18built2014
Costa Tower14built1996
Seoul National University Hospital13built1981
Yesung Raon Palace 10315built2007
Lotte Castle Gold Park 20414built2017
Lotte Castle Gold Park 20314built2017
Bluestone Tower12built2019
Geumgang Building14built2006
Hyundai Department Store Headquarters14built2020
Haeahn Architecture New Building13built2017
Seoul City Hall12built2012(1)
Mokdong Paragon Tower 10818built2004
Mokdong Paragon Tower 10718built2004
Mokdong Paragon Tower 10418built2004
Mokdong Paragon Tower 10318built2004
Samchang Plaza Building16built1987
NC Shinguro Branch9built1993
Gongdeok Samsung Apartment10325built1999
ENC Venture Dream Tower 213built2004
Dongduk Building13built1997
The Leading Church of Kangbuk12built2001
G-well Homes17built2017
BS Tower15built2010
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