On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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Draper's Gardens30destroyed(2)
Southwark Towers25destroyed(1)
New London Bridge House25destroyed(2)
Limebank House26destroyed(1)
20 Fenchurch Street25destroyed(4)
6-8 Bishopsgate24destroyed(2)
Market Towers23destroyed(2)
Winchester House22destroyed
Keybridge House17destroyed(1)
92-276 Conway Road25destroyed
Gelston Point24destroyed
Dunlop Point23destroyed
Cranbrook Point23destroyed
Pembroke House19destroyed
WTC London 115destroyed
St. Alphage House17destroyed(1)
Hermes Point22destroyed
Chantry Point22destroyed
New Scotland Yard20destroyed(1)
Royex House19destroyed(1)
Moor House18destroyed(1)
James Sinclair Point24destroyed
DoE South Tower20destroyed(1)
DoE North Tower20destroyed(1)
DoE Central Tower20destroyed(1)
Southerland Point22destroyed(1)
Rathbone Point22destroyed(1)
Rachel Point22destroyed(1)
Farnell Point22destroyed(1)
Embley Point22destroyed(1)
Lee Housedestroyed(1)
Tintagel House23destroyed(1)
Thornhill Point23destroyed
Ronan Point23destroyed(2)
Pendragon House23destroyed(1)
Merrit Point23destroyed(1)
Lancelot House23destroyed(1)
John Sopp Point23destroyed(1)
Hume Point23destroyed(1)
Halston Point23destroyed
Gannon Point23destroyed(1)
Dobson Point23destroyed(1)
Camelot House23destroyed(1)
Baulkham Point23destroyed(1)
Ault Point23destroyed(1)
Abrahams Point23destroyed(1)
Whitebeam Tower22destroyed
Walter Savill Tower22destroyed
Terrence Messenger Tower22destroyed(1)
Stanley Horstead Tower22destroyed(1)
St. Micheal Tower22destroyed
James Dixon Tower22destroyed
James Collins Tower22destroyed(1)
Ernest Richards Tower22destroyed
Clifford Hicks Tower22destroyed(1)
Arthur Punshion Tower22destroyed(1)
Wishford Point21destroyed
Northaird Point21destroyed
Hilmarton Point21destroyed
Highworth Point21destroyed
Hannington Point21destroyed
Deverill Point21destroyed
Aldbourne Point21destroyed
Cavan House22destroyed(1)
Antrim House22destroyed(1)
Kerrin Point22destroyed
Sudbury House16destroyed
St Francis Tower22destroyed
St Fabian Tower22destroyed
St Albans Tower22destroyed
John Drinkwater Tower22destroyed
Barrie House22destroyed
Polesworth House21destroyed(1)
International Press Centre18destroyed(1)
Sanridge Court20destroyed(2)
Barkway Court20destroyed(1)
Park House18destroyed
21 New Fetter Lane16destroyed
Redwood Tower22destroyed(1)
Hornbeam Tower22destroyed(1)
St Paul's Tower21destroyed(1)
St Catherine's Tower21destroyed(1)
All Saint's Tower21destroyed(1)
122 Leadenhall Street14destroyed(1)
Northhampton Hall18destroyed
Ropemaker Place10destroyed
78 Cannon St.17destroyed(1)
Bucklersbury House14destroyed(1)
Ingrave House17destroyed(1)
Dunmow House17destroyed(1)
Bassett House17destroyed(1)
Temple Court14destroyed(1)
66 Chiltern Street13destroyed
Harlow Town Hall11destroyed
Kempson House14destroyed(1)
Riverwalk House12destroyed(1)
Bishops House9destroyed
Telstar House12destroyed(1)
Mondial House12destroyed(1)
Watts Point15destroyed(1)
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