On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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Shard London Bridge72built2013(10)
22 Bishopsgate62built2020(3)
The Landmark Pinnacle75built2020(2)
One Canada Square50built1991(29)
Heron Tower46built2011(5)
The Leadenhall Building48built2014(7)
One Park Drive57built2021(1)
8 Canada Square45built2002(13)
25 Canada Square45built2001(6)
The Scalpel39built2018(2)
The Madison53built2020(1)
Tower 4247built1980(11)
The Wardian A55built2020(1)
The Tower49built2014(3)
30 St Mary Axe41built2004(7)
BT Tower34built1964(5)
100 Bishopsgate40built2020(2)
DAMAC Tower50built2021(1)
The Wardian B50built2021(1)
Broadgate Tower36built2008(4)
One Blackfriars49built2018(2)
Principal Tower52built2018(1)
20 Fenchurch Street39built2015(2)
One Churchill Place32built2004(6)
South Bank Tower41built1978(3)
40 Bank Street33built2003(6)
25 Bank Street33built2003(4)
10 Upper Bank Street32built2003(6)
Carrara Tower43built2020(1)
10 Park Drive43built2019(1)
Baltimore Tower44built2017(4)
Uncle Elephant & Castle45built2018(1)
Guy's Hospital Tower Wing34built1974(4)
Pan Peninsula East Tower48built2008(1)
One Bank Street28built2019(1)
Maine Tower42built2020(1)
Manhattan Loft Gardens42built2019(1)
The Landmark East Tower44built2010(2)
Providence Tower44built2016
One Bishopsgate Plaza42built2021
Saffron Square44built2016
Two Fifty One41built2017(1)
The Atlas Building39built2018(1)
Stratford Halo43built2013(1)
One The Elephant37built2016(1)
The Grid Building36built2019(1)
Keybridge Lofts36built2020
Harbour Central Block C36built2020
Gladwin Tower37built2019
The Willis Building26built2007(6)
Euston Tower36built1970(6)
Novotel Canary Wharf39built2016(1)
25 Churchill Place23built2014(1)
Stratosphere Building 138built2017
Shakespeare Tower43built1976(3)
Lauderdale Tower43built1974(3)
Cromwell Tower42built1973(3)
One Crown Place Tower A33built2021
Chelsea Waterfront Tower A37built2020
Pan Peninsula West Tower39built2008
Sky Gardens Nine Elms35built2017
Millbank Tower32built1963(3)
Aviva Tower28built1969(9)
Centre Point35built1967(6)
Empress State Building31built1961(2)
Vega at Rudolf Place37built2021
One Casson Square37built2019
East Village Site N08 Tower 231built2018
The Heron35built2012(1)
Nido Spitalfields34built2010(1)
No.1 West India Quay34built2004(3)
Sky View Tower35built2017
Dollar Bay32built2016
One Crown Place Tower B29built2021
Upstream Building26built1961(3)
Ontario Tower32built2007(1)
Imperial West Residential Building35built2018
33 Canada Square25built2000(5)
Pioneer Point, North Tower31built2011(1)
99 Bishopsgate26built1976(5)
Legacy Tower31built2018
Upper Riverside Building 531built2019
Houses of Parliamentbuilt1868(4)
Portland House29built1963(2)
The London Hilton on Park Lane29built1963(1)
One Angel Court21built1979(2)
Urbanest King's Cross27built2013
Exchange Tower26built1970(5)
East Village Plot N08 Tower 128built2018
The Waterman33built2017
Trellick Tower32built1972(1)
Shard Place27built2021
Upper Riverside Building 429built2019
The Atlas32built2018
Ropemaker Place23built2009
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