On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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Colne House17built1971(1)
Basing House17built1972(1)
Barnes House17built1972(1)
William Blake House16built1966
Premier Inn London Stratford15built2011
Oakmayne Plaza Tower C15built2016
Hallsville Quarter 115built2017
Elephant 1 Block C15built2016
171 Victoria Street15built
Park Plaza County Hall14built2007
One Southbank Place12built2018
King's Cross Building S211built2018
One Embankment Place10built1991
Holborn Police Station13built1966
Ariel House13built2017
St Clare House15built1956
Peninsula Heights15built1964
Morgan House15built
Marathon House15built1960
Hasilwood House7built1928
Freemasons' Hall4built1933
City Inn Westminster14built2003
Park Plaza Westminster Bridge16built2010
2 New Street Square11built2007
120 Fleet Street13built2000
Saxon Court and Roseberry Mansions16built2012
Grange Tower Hotel West Tower16built2010
Eaton House16built1999
250 Bishopsgate11built2000
Regis House11built1998
Park Towers17built
Wolfson House16built1975
Ross Apartments15built2007
York House16built1963
Orion Point15built2003
International Maritime Building9built1983
Central Saint Giles Office Building12built2010
Millennium Mills11built1932
Sovereign Tower15built2016
Three Harbour Exchange13built1989
Sage Place13built2020
Ashdown House13built
Broad Street House12built
Berkshire House12built1961
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium9built2019
The British Library9built1998
Guoman Hotels The Tower14built1975
Sugar House7built1887
The Filaments16built2015
Unison Tower11built2011
Fountain House14built1958
New London House13built1977
One Silk Street12built1980
Lansdowne House9built1987
Masterman House17built(1)
Rubicon Court15built2012
67-132 Lincoln Court15built1965(1)
41 Millharbour15built2004
133-198 Lincoln Court15built1965(1)
1-66 Lincoln Court15built1965(1)
Nexus Place13built2009
Grant Thornton House12built1980(1)
Five Pancras Square11built2014
National Theatre5built1976
One Mabledon Place11built1975
Central Saint Giles Residential Building15built2010
Riverbank House11built2010
New Fetter Place12built1976
The Plimsoll Building14built2015
The Vantage16built2008
Rahere House17built
Penge House17built1974
Inkster House17built1969
Chesterton House17built1970
Verona House16built1968(1)
The Modern Building B16built2021
Pretoria House16built1968(1)
Parsons House16built1972
Norvic House16built1968(1)
Medina House16built1968(1)
John Kennedy House16built1964(1)
Hamlet House16built1968(1)
Golding House16built1972
Cliff House16built1972
Brydale House16built1960(1)
Addy House16built1960(1)
Elton House15built1962(1)
Wentworth House14built(1)
Peel Centre Two14built1972(1)
Peel Centre Three14built1972(1)
Parker Tower14built1967(1)
St. Thomas' Hospital, North Wing13built1975(1)
Belgrave Court13built1999
Three Pancras Square11built2016
Brent Civic Centre11built2013
IQL S910built2019
Bankside 310built2007
Bankside 210built2007
Kennet House17built
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