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Stantec Tower & Sky Residences66built2019(2)
JW Marriott Edmonton & Legend Residences55built2019(1)
Epcor Tower28built2011(1)
Manulife Place36built1983(5)
Encore Tower43built2020(1)
Telus House at ATB Place34built1971(3)
Bell Tower31built1982(3)
Edmonton Tower27built2017(1)
The Pearl36built2015(1)
Edmonton House45built1971(1)
Commerce Place27built1990(2)
Canadian Western Bank Place28built1980(1)
Oxford Tower29built1978(1)
TD Tower28built1976(2)
ICON II35built2010(1)
Scotia Place I28built1982(1)
CN Tower26built1966(1)
Enbridge Centre25built2016(1)
Fox Two33built2017(1)
Sun Life Place26built1978(1)
City Centre Shopping and Office Complex24built1974(1)
The Northbank on Jasper II30built2016
10201 Jasper Avenue20built1981(1)
ICON I30built2009
The Augustana30built2021(1)
Fox One28built2016
ATB Place North24built1969(3)
103 Street Centre22built1981(2)
Century Place21built1975(1)
The Northbank on Jasper I26built2016
Scotia Place II21built1982
The Hendrix30built2016
The Hat at Five Corners24built2020(1)
The MacLaren27built2019(1)
Telus Toll Building12built1970(1)
Revera Glenora Park22built2022(1)
Phipps McKinnon Building19built1977(2)
Standard Life Centre19built1980(1)
Macdonald Place & 99 Jasper26built1973(2)
The Churchill20built1967(1)
Sandman Signature Edmonton Downtown26built1978(1)
Windsor Park Plaza West27built1972
Windsor Park Plaza East27built1972
First & Jasper20built1975(2)
Symphony Tower Edmonton27built2019
Mainstreet Tower27built1967(1)
College Plaza Professional Building20built1974
ATCO Centre20built1981(1)
Chateau Lacombe Hotel23built1966(1)
Park Square21built1981
The Pinnacle26built(1)
HSBC Bank Place19built1980(1)
Quest Condominium22built2010
The Jasper Properties21built2006
The Century24built2005
Canada Place16built1986(1)
The Lamplighter25built
Southgate Towers23built1973
Westin Hotel20built1974
Cambridge Building Lofts19built1969
Valley Towers24built1977
One River Park21built2005
Park Place Tower24built1973
The Gainsborough22built1981
9929 Saskatchewan22built1979(1)
Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering13built2015
Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel21built1972
Riverside Towers I22built1971
9Triple8 Jasper16built1979(1)
Riverside Towers II22built1971
Galbraith House21built1972
Hillside Estates South19built1973
Clinical Sciences Building13built1969
Cranleigh Towers21built1973
Water's Edge20built1981
Hillside Estates North22built1973
Cathedral Close20built
Newton Place at University of Alberta21built1971
The Carlisle18built1981
100 West Block16built2019(1)
Central Tower at Century Park18built2019
City Hallbuilt1992(1)
Park Plaza16built1986(1)
Garneau Towers20built1965(1)
Boardwalk Centre II20built1983
Kiwanis Place19built1972
Jasper Heights19built1975
Rideau Tower20built1972
Renaissance Place18built1978
Strathcona House19built1968
Henry Marshall Tory Building15built1966
Riverwind Tower II19built1990(1)
Riverwind Tower I19built1991(1)
Federal Building12built1958(1)
Legacy Manor19built2002
Boardwalk Centre I19built1983
First Edmonton Place15built1983(1)
The Mayflower19built1970(1)
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