Dubai is the quintessential home of sand, sun, skyscrapers and shopping. A century ago, it was a tranquil town whose coral-and-gypsum huts housed Bedouin traders and pearl divers. Today the merchants have gone international and science-fiction skyscrapers stand alongside the mosques and wind towers of Old Dubai.

The audacity of the city's rulers is breathtaking. Running out of coastline to build hotels? Build vast artificial islands with 120km (74.5mi) of new beachfront. Need better connections with the world? Build up an award-winning international airline in 15 years.

Need some publicity? Stage the world's richest horse race, million-dollar lotteries, international tennis and golf tournaments, and a month-long shopping festival. Need a few landmarks for people to recognise? Up goes the world's tallest and most lavish hotel, perched on an artificial platform, and a city skyline to boggle the eye.

And of course, Dubai is the home of the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa.

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Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel Dubai18built2016
Jewel of the Creek 417built2020
Oasis Tower16built2019
Elite 4 Sports Residence16built2013
Nasser Rashid Lootah Building15built
Midtown Dania District 218built2019
Midtown Dania District 118built2019
Midtown Afnan District 418built2019
Midtown Afnan District 118built2019
Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay17built2018
Deema Residence15built2006
Al Aswami15built2006
Al Abdullah Tower15built2006
Al Wasl Plaza11built2020
Murano Residences 318built2019
Al Yousuf Building18built2004
Waterview 217built2019
Topaz Avenue17built2020
The Gate Residence 217built2021
Serco Dubai Metro Accomodation Mamzar17built
Saleh Building Al Jaddaf17built2021
Roda Hotel17built2020
Residence Inn by Marriott Al Jaddaf17built2021
Probe Building Al Jaddaf17built2021
Premier Inn Ibn Battuta II17built2021
Premier Inn Ibn Battuta I17built
Mizin Tower17built2020
Golden Tulip Media Hotel17built
G 24 Residence17built2021
Expo Village C317built2020
Expo Village C217built2020
Expo Village A317built2020
Expo Village A217built2020
Capitol Tower17built
Best Western Plus Pearl Creek17built
Atrium Gold Tower 217built
Atlantis Staff Accomodation Block S217built
Atlantis Staff Accomodation Block M217built
Andaz Dubai The Palm Hotel17built
Al Zahra Residence Building17built
Al Waleed Garden17built2020
Al Suhail Tower17built2021
Al Sayyah Residence 617built2021
Al Sayyah Residence 517built2021
Al Sayyah Residence 417built2021
Al Sayyah Residence 317built2021
Al Sayyah Residence 217built2021
Al Sayyah Residence 117built2021
Al Nahda Homes17built
Al Murad Towers17built
Al Marfa tower17built
Al Mamzar Bldg 94817built
Abidos Hotel Apartment Dubailand17built
The Onyx 216built2016
Oxford Tower16built2011
The Manhattan17built2011
Sherina Plaza Residential 217built2020
Sherina Plaza Residential 117built2020
Plaza Residences B17built
Ibis One Central17built
Avalon Tower17built2021
Atlantis Staff Accommodation 317built2020
Hamza Tower16built2010
The Medalist15built2013
Sparkle Tower B15built2019
Oasis Residence15built
Zenith Tower A215built2017
One JLT15built2016
Moosawi Tower15built
Elite Sports Residence14built2012(1)
Dubai Trade Centre Hotel Apartments Block Cbuilt
Dubai Trade Centre Hotel Apartments Block Bbuilt
Dubai Trade Centre Hotel Apartments Block Abuilt
The Crescent Tower 321built2008
The Crescent Tower 221built2008
The Crescent Tower 121built2008
Emerald Residence JVC20built
Murano Residences 217built2019
Ayedh Tower17built2020
Al Jaddaf Western Residence17built2021
Signature 1 Hotel16built2016
Sheikh Rashid Building16built
Samaya Hotel Apartments16built
Safeer Tower 216built2018
Rose Building Al Jaddaf16built2020
Residential Building Hor Al Anz16built
Rawda 1 Apartments16built2020
Manazel Al Barsha16built
Macintyre Building16built2021
Larimar Building16built
Ivory Grand Hotel Apartments16built
Hassani Building 2116built2020
Gulf Oasis Hotel Apartments16built
GMM Tower 116built2019
Etlala Residence16built
Emirates 6 Crew Accommodations16built
Edge Creekside Hotel16built
Almamzar Park Hotel16built2021
Al Sidra Building16built
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