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World Titans celebrates man's urge to build towards the sky at a time when his tallest structure, Burj Khalifa, has reached unprecedented heights.

In 1931 the Empire State Building was built at a height of 381 meters (1250 ft), becoming the world's tallest building.  In the decades that followed, man slowly built further towards the sky with numerous other world's tallests, each one beating it's predecessor just slightly, until finally erecting the 508 meter (1667 ft) Taipei 101 in 2004.

Now man takes a dramatic leap with his tallest structure by erecting the 828 meter (2717 ft) Burj Khalifa.  This dizzyingly tall tower tops out at over twice the original height of the Empire State Building, and presents a formidable challenge to any other upcoming tower vying to become man's tallest structure.

World Titans graphiclly illustrates this leap in a colorful and striking fashion.  Put a record of man's towering accomplishments on your wall today.

Price: $25 USD
Dimensions: 20" × 30" (51cm × 76cm)
Paper: 100lb semi-gloss
Status: In-stock; world-wide shipping
World Titans

Nine Towers Are Included
Burj Khalifa, Dubai
One World Trade Center, New York
Taipei 101, Taipei
Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai
International Commerce Center, Hong Kong
Petronas Towers (1 & 2), Kuala Lumpur
Willis Tower (Sears Tower), Chicago
Empire State Building, New York

View a diagram of the buildings
included on the poster

Fits Standard Frame Size
The World Titans poster fits a standard 20 x 30 inch poster frame.  Buying an expensive custom frame is not necessary.  Any well stocked photography or art store will have a 20 x 30 inch frame ready to go at an affordable price.

High Attention To Detail
The best illustrators on SkyscraperPage.com were selected to do the artwork for World Titans.  As a result, the beauty and majesty of each tower comes through in vividly clear and accurate detail.