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Empire State Building poster    Empire State Building poster

Price: $20 USD
Dimensions: 14 ¼" x 38 ¾" (98cm x 36cm)
Paper: 100lb semi-gloss
Status: In-stock; world-wide shipping

The Empire State Building as never seen before
SkyscraperPage.com is proud to present the world's most unique Empire State Building poster.  Illustrated by SkyscraperPage.com illustrator Stefan Tan, this precision-illustrated poster includes a faithful representation of the Empire State's spire with antennae, an angled, true-to-life, replication of the building's massing and intricate facade traits with a network of details from the top of the building down to the main entranceway doors off of New York City's famous 5th Avenue.  One look at the detail of this print will instantly reveal the SkyscraperPage.com Empire State Building poster to be unparalleled by any other illustrated Empire State Building poster product retailed anywhere in the world.
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Learn more about the Empire State Building
Learn more about the Empire State Building

The detail is unparalleled
The SkyscraperPage.com Empire State Building poster illustration features photo-like quality on everything from the intricate facade detailing to the graceful design of the Empire State Building's famous spire.  The workmanship of this illustration will amaze onlookers as they experience the up-close architectural details of a by-gone era of American art-deco skyscraper design.

Completed in 1930, the Empire State Building stood as the world's tallest building for 42 years and has maintained its iconic presence inspired by its developer, John Jacob Raskob, who is said to have pulled a pencil from his drawer, held it up to his architect (William Lamb), and asked "Bill, how tall can you make it so that it won't fall down?"

SkyscraperPage.com illustrator Stefan Tan spared no detail to re-create one of the modern world's architectural masterpieces and now you can purchase this incredible poster to enhance any living or professional environment that is guaranteed to please the inner architect, engineer or skyscraper enthusiast in everyone!
Spire detail

Poster features
In the SkyscraperPage.com poster tradition, the Empire State Building poster includes several unique features that make the poster both decorative and educational.  For the first time on any Empire State Building poster anywhere in the world, SkyscraperPage.com has included a reference diagram of 23 of New York City's skyscrapers to help illustrate the scale and shapes of New York's most famous and tallest buildings.

For the fact-finders, the print features the Empire State Building's height of 1250 feet (381 meters), completion date of 1930 and the building's architects, Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates.

Below is a close-up of the additional features of the poster:

Features of the Empire State Building poster