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Old Posted Dec 7, 2017, 5:49 PM
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Originally Posted by MichaelTrexler View Post
My idea is an expansion of an idea I saw in the Express News. I apologize for not remembering the author. So full disclosure on where the idea came from.
I read an article several months ago regarding the Alamodome and UTSA tailgating and how it could be a better experience. The gist of the story was to connect the parking lots by building an elevated pedestrian causeway over the railroad tracks to facilitate the movement and interaction of people. I recommend expanding the thought and connecting the Hays Street Bridge to the Alamodome to the new proposed 7.7 acres development at Cherry and Essex (Essex Modern City). This elevated linear park could be similar to the High Line park in NYC and serve as a further conduit of growth to the near east side if done right. Imagine an “elevated river walk” if you would. Please find a link to the NYC High line for reference. www.thehighline.org
It would provide a third North South park in the Downtown Area (San Pedro Creek/Riverwalk/East Side Elevated). From Hays Street Bridge to River walk is 4 blocks along 8th street. From Essex Modern you could run a bike lane/walking trail along tracks to Mission Reach Portion of River Walk.
I love the idea of pedestrian freeways in dense areas of town. For your plan to succeed, a government entity would have to build it (likely the city by issuing a bond) and it would cost tens of millions of dollars, would very likely look ugly, and would be too hot to use during the day for months of the year. NYC turned existing elevated rail lines into a linear park. San Antonio has done well with sinking walkways below street level instead of elevating them, and having them next to water which creates a cool microclimate in the summer.

But I do have similar dreams about access in that area. My dream is the city buys out the railroad companies and uses all the tracks for mass transit, like light rail, pedestrian greenways and such. There could be a train with stops at the bridge, the Alamodome, Essex.
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