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Old Posted Jun 21, 2020, 1:31 AM
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Bad hobby/interest

I fell in love with skysrapers at a young age. In Wisconsin in 4th grade i had to return my skyscraper book to the elementary school library and told my mom i was going to go to the top of the twin towers someday literally on the morning of 9/11. Not joking, crazy shit.

Point is i always loved tall buildings, yet its the most annoying thing staying up to date on new buildings. At least for me. I get so excited at new proposals. And me personally when i set a goal, start a new project, or get excited about something happening, i want it finished right then. Skyscrapers take like 8 yrs often from the proposal date to the finished project. It's so frustrating looking forward to something knowing it won't be done for 5+ years.

There's been long periods where i didn't focus on new skyscraper developement. Took like 8 yrs off from checking out new builldings. Was honestly amazing. Finding out the whole hudson yards was built and completed, i had no idea it was even proposed till after it was finished. Was a pretty cool surprise. Staying up to date though you know it's coming but it just takes so fucking long lmao

Maybe im just weird, anyone else think the same way though?
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Old Posted Oct 4, 2020, 6:25 AM
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"Staying up to date though you know it's coming but it just takes so fucking long lmao"
You know, I agree, i crave visiting the forums every day to see the latest minor update or core rise. But, in doing this, you lose the 'wow' factor, sure, coming to the city center is amazing no matter what, but it's like eroding your suprise bit by bit. Even taking a few months off and coming to the city and seeing a tower jump up, higher than you thought it was, that's a whoah moment.

So i definitely agree with you.
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Old Posted Oct 4, 2020, 7:31 PM
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I can relate to just wanting to see our favorite skyscrapers finished, but to me, seeing the updates doesn't bother me, it just gives me something to look forward to for when I'm able to visit in person again.
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Old Posted Oct 5, 2020, 3:18 AM
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Being here in Pittsburgh since I moved from downtown Houston, we haven't had a new skyscraper being built since I first moved here back in 2013 with the PNC Tower; which wasn't even really that tall.

I sure do wish I lived in NYC where you can witness tons and tons and tons of scrapers being built at any moment.
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