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Old Posted Aug 4, 2003, 12:13 AM
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Arrow DALLAS FORT WORTH | Urban + Suburban P & C

Thread last edited by Troy on 04 FEB 08 (only for the .kmz file, not the text list which is severely outdated, but, will be remedied soon). . .

Text format updated 27 MAY 07.
Includes both Dallas and Fort Worth municipalities, as well as other DFWland municipalities further downlist.

Google Earth-compatable interactive map (Updated 01 NOV 07 and includes all of DFW. Courtesy of forumer Mephis Gooseberry):
(Google Earth 4.1+ is downloadable for free and available at the link provided.)

GOOGLE EARTH MAP LINK (download is safe for home/work) : DFW Projects.kmz

Dallas (municipal)
New Construction Projects			Stories		Status/Completion Date

1900 Pacific (The Tower Residences)		~52		Proposed

Hall Arts Tower (Lone Star site) (m/u)		~47-50		On Hold

Victory Tower/Mandarin Oriental (~650ft.)	~43		U/C, 2009

Museum Tower					42		Planned, 2009

Centennial (Observation Tower) (~450 ft.)	n/a		Proposed

Calatrava Bridge mast (~400 ft.)		n/a		Planned

Akard & McKinney (Granite) (m/u)		~36		Proposed

Marriot Hotel @Convention Center		~35		Proposed

W Victory Hotel & Res. Tower North		33		Completed, June '06

City Lights Tower 32				32		Cancelled

The Azure					31		U/C, Spring '07

Four Arts Plaza					30		Proposed

Cirque (Victory Park)				28		U/C, Mid '07

Cirque II (Victory Park)			xx		Planned

The House by Stark (Victory Tower 'J')		28		U/C, 2008

Ashland @Field I (RED) (hotel/res./retail)	27		Proposed

Ashland @Field II (RED) (hotel/res./retail)	27		Proposed

1900 McKinney (Hanover) (310 ft.)		26		U/C

Three Arts Plaza				26		Planned

2500 McKinney I (@Fairmount) (m/u)		25		On Hold

Turtle Creek Block 1021 Tower I			~25		Proposed

Turtle Creek Block 1021 Tower II		~25		Proposed

Turtle Creek Block 1021 Tower III		~25		Proposed

City Lights Tower 25				25		Proposed

Ross & Field site (m/u res. tower)		xx		Not Announced

Saint Ann Court (350 ft.)			27		Groundbreaking upcoming, 2009

One Arts Plaza					24		U/C, Mar '07

The Glacier					xx		Planned

Classic Residence by Hyatt-Turtle Creek		xx		2010

Canyon Ranch I (Crescent) (325 ft.)		xx		Proposed

Canyon Ranch II (Crescent) (325 ft.)		xx		Proposed

Ritz Carlton Res. Tower II (310 ft.)		23		Approved

Cityplace II (McKinney @Blackburn) (Fairfield)	23		Planned

The Sterling at Turtle Creek			23		Early '08

Cresta Bella					22		Planned

Stoneleigh Court Hotel & Residences		22		Site Clearing

The Ashton					21		Completed, Mar '05

Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residences			21		U/C, 2007

The Caroline (McKinney @Akard)			21		Cancelled

The Caroline II (McKinney @Akard)		21		Cancelled

Cityplace West @Blackburn (Tram. Crow)		21		Planned

2000 McKinney (Lincoln)(295 ft.)		20		Site clearing

The Mondrian at Cityplace			20		Completed, Apr '05

Galleria North Condo. project			20		Cancelled

Palomar Residences				20		Proposed

Harwood @McKinney (Crescent)			~20		Proposed

Harwood @Cedar Springs (Crescent)		~20		Proposed

City Lights Tower 20				20		Cancelled

Park Lane Place Residential Tower I		20		Mid-2008

One Victory Park (off. bldg.)			20		Site clearing, 2008/9

Two Victory Park (off. bldg.)			20		Planned

Harwood District office tower (phase # unk)	xx		Proposed

Park Lane Place Hotel Tower I			~19		Planned

Park Lane Place Hotel Tower II			~19		Planned

ZaZa Condominiums (up to 240 ft.)		xx		Proposed

Harwood Int'l 'Maple' site			xx		Not announced

Merit Dr./Lakeside Square res. twr.		xx		Proposed

Lemmon @Cole ("Hole on Cole") res. twr.		xx		On Hold

Two Arts Plaza					18		Planned

City Lights Tower 18				18		Cancelled

La Reunion Senior Living Tower I		~18		Proposed

La Reunion Senior Living Towers II		~18		Proposed

Third Rail Lofts (Gulf States Bldg. II)		16		U/C, Summer '06

UTSWMC Biomedical Research Ctr.			16		Completed, 2004

Rosewood Court I (290 ft.)(m/u)			~16-19		Planned

Rosewood Court II (290 ft.)(m/u)		~16-19		Proposed

Maple Terrace Tower Condominiums		16		Cancelled

4949 Galleria - Bldg I (office)			16		On Hold/Not announced

Reserve Tower					16		Cancelled

W Victory Hotel & Res. Tower South		16		Completed, June '06

Baker & Botts project (Uptown)			~16		Cancelled

The Chateau at Turtle Creek			16		Cancelled

Hunt Global Hdqtrs. Tower			15		U/C, Mid '07

The Illume (3003 Carlisle)			15		On Hold

The Tuscany (Prestonwood @Arapaho)		15		Planned

Park Lane Place Residential Tower II		15		Mid-2008

State-Thomas Hall St. tower (Califco)		13		Cancelled (Downscaled)

Hard Rock Condo Hotel				xx		Not announced

Former Sofitel site hotel & res. proj.		xx		Cancelled

Mockingbird Stn. exp. (multi.res.bldgs.)	xx		Planned

Quadrangle res. site (mid- or high-rise)	xx		Proposed

Mercantile Condo Tower				12		Late '07

Children's Med. Ctr. Twr. III			12		Master Planned

Children's Med. Ctr. Twr. IV			12		Master Planned

4949 Galleria - Bldg. II (ofice)		12		On Hold/Not announced

Employers Insur. Bldg. II			11		Approved

Wyly Theatre					~11		U/C, 2009

The Eleven					11		Proposed/Not announced?

La Reunion Residential Tower			~11		Proposed

Park Place I (Avondale @Oak Lawn)		10		2008

Park Place II (Avondale @Oak Lawn)		10		2008

Joule Urban Resort Tower II			10		Proposed

Routh St. Complex condo. project		10		Cancelled

1899 McKinney (McKinney @Akard) (res)		10		Cancelled

The Beat at Southside				10		Planned

The Emerald (at White Rock Lake)		10		Proposed, downscaled to listed story count

DCDF South Tower				10		U/C, Spring 2008

CMC/UTSWMC Research Tower			xx		Master Planned

Canton & Central (Farmers Mkt. condo)		xx		Proposed

DTS student housing tower			xx		U/C

//not incl. unannounced (height or stories) portions of Cityplace West Master Plan.
//not incl. unannounced (height or stories) portions of Victory Park Master Plan.
//not incl. unannounced (height or stories) portions of Harwood District Master Plan.
//not incl. unannounced (height or stories) portions of Mockingbird Station and vicinity.
* structures listed w/stories as "xx" are placed in their approx. likely list position.

** "Trump Tower" and "Marquis Towers at Cityplace" will not be included at this time.

Dallas (municipal)
Renovations/Res. Conversions			Stories		Status/Completion Date

Republic Bank Tower I (res. conv.)		36		2006/7

Mercantile Tower (res. conv.)			36		Late '07

1600 Pacific (res. conv.)			33		Planned

2100 Ross (formerly San Jacinto Twr.)		33		Completed, 2006

(^ remodel of base areas only)

Mosaic (Fidelity Union Tower I)(res.)		31		2007

1200 Main - The Metropolitan (res.)		26		2008

Hilton Anatole Hotel				25		late '07/early '08

(^ remodel of Wyndham interior only; also renaming)

Hampton Inn (res. conv.)			22		Proposed

Tower Petroleum Building (res. conv.)		22		Proposed/Not announced

Mosaic (Fidelity Union Tower II)(res.)		21		2007

Joule Urban Resort Tower I (hotel)		20		2007