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Old Posted Feb 15, 2017, 5:14 PM
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Originally Posted by TimeFadesAway View Post
That's not actually true. Cold weather doesn't affect solar panel output negatively. The total production is reduced in the winter because of fewer hours of daylight, but overcast days will have a greater impact than shorter, but sunny, days.
That's what I meant. on a stationary panel you only get about 4 hours of meaningful output in the cold months. Also remember the sun has only about 10% of its strength in the winter.

Hence, winter.
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Old Posted Feb 16, 2017, 1:07 PM
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But photovoltaics don't care how much heat is reaching earth from the sun, only light, which doesn't drop drastically.
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Old Posted Feb 16, 2017, 8:52 PM
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Originally Posted by bomberjet View Post
Ya, you're right Cory. On the lake you need a tank for the toilet water. Does grey water require treatment? I think it can be dumped right to the ground, no?
I am not an expert on grey water use but I thought you collect grey water and use it for flushing toilets. It doesn't stop it from hitting the end point but rather lows the total water sent out as sewage as the grey water hits the intermediate step.

In terms of power generation, I always wondered if you might not be able to setup both solar and wind generation into a single battery bank to meet the needs. The advantage there is wind obviously works at night and on cloudy days even though it has lower generation capacity.

In terms of power consumption, if you are running a solar power system it is extremely unlikely that electrical power is your primary heat source. That would mean that increased winter usage stems from the shorter days meaning the household uses more light from electrical sources in the dark hours.

The other side is you would of course undertake smart design steps to minimize electrical use including carefully selecting appliances, optimizing window locations and picking lights that make sense in terms of the light output v power consumption.
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