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Old Posted Dec 21, 2008, 1:11 AM
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Saskatoon Idea Exchange: Where do we go from here?

acron, your energy and enthusiasm for Saskatchewan is intense, and I must say I do share your optimism for what may lie ahead (a Coming of Age of sorts, SK reborn!).

I think a big part of a successful strategy to attract people and make this a place worth visiting comes down to what our strengths are and what they could be (can we build or encourage further development of unique attractions? What are attractions?), but we must also acknowledge our geographic weakness (e.g. no ocean, no nearby mountain ranges...climate -> climate change?).

Formula for Greatness?

Many cities strive to be world cities through signature architecture and unique recreational or entertainment venues/events, I think that is something we need to do more of (e.g. new stadium in Regina...although not at the expense of other programs or facilities in their city...chronic funding cuts --> a likely outcome is greater social inequality --> damages a city's image/status (both internally, and externally) = tourists and potential new arrivals will reflect on their experiences in the city in a negative way, fancy stadium or not!).

Of course, things like stadiums become more attainable and acceptable if you have a larger and stronger tax base (e.g. more people, and wealthier), well, the discussion has now come full circle...--> more people --> more tax revenue --> greater potential for signature development (the wealthy/creative/educated need these to validate themselves...that's my line of thinking) and maintaining/increasing funding for programs and facilities benefiting most people --> increase in health, education, and social standing of all citizens (inequalities can be minimized) --> Saskatchewan becomes an attractive place for families, entrepreneurs, businesses --> more people, and the cycle repeats indefinitely (ideally!).

acron mentioned history as an important factor to consider when charting a path and dreaming up grand proposals/ideas. Yes, history is important...as they say, you can't begin to know where your going, if you don't know where you've been...or something like that, you know what I mean

Anyways, I can't really speak to anything specifically that will lift this city and province to new heights, it'll be combination of factors (acron also mentioned people's attitudes/mindset...and politicians/businesses/entrepreneurs are selling an idea, a thought, a way of life that people buy into. Of course, its an easy sell when you have a close neighbor who has fortunately or unfortunately charted a different path...).

Anyone else feel like posting random thoughts about an idealistic future in Saskatoon? The floor is yours

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