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Old Posted Mar 7, 2016, 6:05 PM
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Architectural concept inspired by cobra for Asian towers

Architectural concept inspired by cobra for Asian towers

Read More: http://88designbox.com/architecture/...owers-944.html

Vasily Klyukin has designed the Asian Cobra Tower, an amazing architectural concept for any towers in Eastern cities that is inspired by cobra - the symbol of wisdom and eternal life in Asia.

Tourists, fascinated, would look at this immense cobra, its jaws serving a terrace would be a restaurant or a night club and its body could contain offices or apartments. Snakes and dragons are custodians of threshold, temples, treasure, esoteric knowledge and all lunar gods. If this skyscraper is built in a city this city will become eternal in its resurrections. --- The diamond-shaped pattern on the back of the snake is the symbol of Yang and Yin, duality and reunification of the Sun and the Moon, male and female principles, conciliation of opposites, and androgyny.


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Old Posted Mar 10, 2016, 11:04 PM
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My word, how not at all tacky that concept is, and how much it doesn't in the slightest resemble an appropriate headquarters for fictional terrorist organization Cobra Command, as featured in the hit 1980's cartoon program G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.
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Old Posted Mar 11, 2016, 8:17 AM
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Awful. There is a difference between "inspired by" and " statue of".
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