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Old Posted Oct 11, 2011, 5:07 AM
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Architecture of Regina

Hello everybody!
I am opening this thread because I thing that Regina deserves it!

So I will start with my opinion about architecture and Regina:
I think that architectural style of a building/plaza/park is extremely important.This is the face of our city. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Regina lacks beautiful and unique architecture. There are only few buildings in the city that have a unique design. I have been to several countries in Europe, and it amazed me how they preserve European style architecture. New buildings that look like they are from the beginning - mid 20th century. Huge plazas and sidewalks adjacent to stores and office buildings. I am not talking only about huge cities with 2-3 million people. I am talking about cities with 100 - 300 thousand residents. Believe it or not - 200,000 is not a very small city. Why can't Regina have that? Considering that the first designers of Regina were from Europe, it is quite sad that it lacks European style buildings (there are few though). When I look at some of the current and recent projects, I see just cheap boxes that have no real architectural style. Look at Grasslands (in Harbour landing) - why the designers couldn't add some European or any other "unique" style to the buildings? Why countries in Europe can and preserve their architecture, but Regina don't and won't do that? So sad.. These and other new buildings in the city will stand for many years.

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