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Originally Posted by BG918 View Post
Have you been to West Virginia? It may be near Washington DC but might as well be a world apart.
You've obviously not been to a lot of WV. The northern panhandle may as well be part of the Ohio or PA rustbelt as Wheeling, Wellsburg, Weirton and Moundsville are all former steel towns. And the eastern panhandle is basically a wealthy exurb of the DC metro region, with Martinsburg, Harpers Ferry, Big Pool and Marlowe. The main broke ass coal area of the state is the southwestern region; wherein a large portion of the population is addicted to opiates and can't read; just like eastern KY; I.E. Beckley, Huntington and Summersville. WV is an odd state, it has the extremes of all parts of the American populace. Its a weird microcosm of everything America. It has illiterate uneducated people, due to no fault of their own all throughout the central and southern parts of the state. It has the rustbelt along the Ohio River. It has well paying CIA, FBI jobs in the eastern section and it has well to do towns like Charleston and college towns like Morgantown and odd wealthy towns like Lewisburg where rich people from the east coast go to retire. Its basically all of America in one state.
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