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Originally Posted by lubicon View Post
Agree in principle but would rather see a new wealth fund set up instead of keeping it in the Heritage Fund, unless the Heritage fund is restructured.

Nothing wrong with a flat tax, everyone pays an equal share so I don't see a need to change. Progress taxes unfairly penalize those who are successful financially but then that seems to be a Canadian thing so it would not be surprised to see a return to it in Alberta although I hope not.
Actually there is a lot, it's a horrid idea, and shows a severe lack of understanding of people in general if you think it makes sense. I'm on the autistic spectrum with significant empathy impairments and even I know it's a severely flawed source of reasoning. It borders on intellectual psychopathy to think this wouldn't physically harm people, is realistic or is fair.

**rant over**

nothing infuriates me more than having to make arguments that make me appear as if I'm pro left wing.
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