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Originally Posted by Calgarian View Post
This was going to be my response as well. That being said I think we should have a small PST (2% maybe), that way we can grow the Heritage Fund like Norway has. The Tea Party wannabes in this province would never go for it so it would be political suicide to do it...
Agree in principle but would rather see a new wealth fund set up instead of keeping it in the Heritage Fund, unless the Heritage fund is restructured.

Originally Posted by Boris2k7 View Post
I'm not sure that Alberta needs a sales tax to cover government revenue, in my mind the biggest mistake of the Klein era was bringing in the flat tax. Right now a person making $50K a year pays twice as much taxes in Alberta as they would in Ontario, and a person making $200K a year pays 25% less than they would in Ontario.
Nothing wrong with a flat tax, everyone pays an equal share so I don't see a need to change. Progress taxes unfairly penalize those who are successful financially but then that seems to be a Canadian thing so it would not be surprised to see a return to it in Alberta although I hope not.
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