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Originally Posted by sirkingwilliam View Post
Too small? You can't possibly say that when Milwaukee has both an NBA and MLB team.
Pro Sports tend to look at media market size as a major factor for location. Yes a passionate owner can always stick a team where he pleases. But from a business standpoint you want a large population center, largest media market possible, and a location where said sport has a following.

2014 Media Market Top 100

19 Orlando-Daytona Beach "Rays over in Tampa"
20 Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto "A's/Giants"
22 Portland OR "A"
24 Raleigh-Durham "AAA"
25 Charlotte "AAA"
26 Indianapolis "AAA"
29 Nashville "AAA"
30 Hartford - New Haven "Redsox/Yankees"
31 Kansas City "Royals"
32 Columbus, OH "Reds"
33 Salt Lake City "AAA"
34 Milwaukee "Your Example"
35 Cincinnati "Reds"
36 San Antonio "AA"

If you want to go by MSA numbers only Portland and Charlotte are larger than San Antonio.

Like I said anything is possible and a lot of factors come into play like the corporate base in a city, the local politicians willingness to work out a stadium deal, etc. I'm a huge Spurs fan and they have made it work in San Antonio, but Baseball is a totally different monster. Once/if we get a AAA team I'd feel better about our chances for MLB. I still say if a team does decide to relocate that Charlotte/Indianapolis/Salt Lake City stand the best odds of getting em.
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