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Originally Posted by jmt18325 View Post
Except that the US isn't Canada. New convention and similar mfacilities are being built across this country. There's obviously a reason.
This is the same argument i have against people saying that no one believes the CMHR will act as a driver for private development. If EVERYONE (and i mean people in business that actually have money to invest in this city) thought that it wasn't a good idea and wasn't going to succeed then why are there so many hotel developments lately. Why is it that when reasons are given as to why these developments are being proposed and built, the same reason comes up - "we feel the WCC and CMHR will be a great driver of hotel stays in Winnipeg". These businesses are investing millions on what they see as a positive. They do business plans and studies and deem their projects to be worthy of proceeding based on research.

There are 5 hotels planned for downtown - Alt, Lakeview (2), new WCC Hotel and the new Waterfront Hotel as well as the Canad Inn HSC (UC). There are 6 new, planned or under construction near the airport - Mainstay Suites on Berry (built), Fairfield Inn & Suites on Ellice (Built), Grand Airport Hotel Winnipeg (UC), Days Inn on Berry (UC), Hampton Inn on Berry (UC) and the Homewood by Hilton on Ellice (planned).

As well as the new planned Canad Inn McPhillips St station all in a market where we keep hearing the hotel sector is saturated. They are building betting on the future and i would bet that these are fairly calculated risks they are taking.

.......anyways, sorry for the long post.
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