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Originally Posted by GarryEllice View Post
By your logic nobody in Fort Richmond would be taking the bus to school, but I really don't think that's the case...
No I'm telling you why people at that particular point would probably have to walk a lot. Over at University drive there's a lot more buses passing through so you're more likely to get a spot. A few years ago when the Upass was introduced they jacked up the parking rates and you cannot opt out of the Upass if you live in the city so naturally this caused huge amounts of people to take the bus. Transit never kept up with the increased demand, meaning that the closer you are to the university, the less likely you are to get a bus. I'm not saying that all routes are equally bad, just that a lot are actually terrible, especially the most heavily used ones like the 75, the 60, the 160, the 78, the 74, and often the 162, although due to its routing it isn't as popular to get the the Uni.

I can't tell you how many times I've driven by on Chancellor Matheson and seeing the exact stop that would service this building, completely full of waiting people, and buses simply being too full to stop, or not being able to take people on.

Now, would this discourage me from living there if I were still a student? Probably not, but just because students have a UPass doesn't mean that getting to school is any better really.

Also the upass is very much paid for by the students, its not exactly free
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