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Originally Posted by optimusREIM View Post
FYI if we want to actually compare those places that were mentioned, why not use Walkscore? Comparisons:

2525 Pembina: 58/100
100 Roslyn (as OV as I could think of) : 90/100
846 Westminster (Right smack in the middle of Wolseley) : 86/100
The one thing to be aware of with Walkscore is that it doesn't always do a great job of categorizing amenities. So, its grocery walkability is heavily affected by the presence of convenience stores. It even counts Stellas as a "bakery" for its grocery walkability calculation for 100 Roslyn.

So, who has better grocery accessibility? 2525 Pembina, with a Superstore next door and a Sobey's a 15 minute walk away? Or 100 Roslyn, with only the Safeway nearby and then a bunch of c-stores?
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