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Originally Posted by borkborkbork View Post
Find me anyone who wouldn't trade the Osborne Village Safeway or Wolseley Food Fair for the Pembina and Bison Superstore, which has better prices, way more selection, and an amazing international foods aisle.

Anyways, your point is well taken that I was really talking about this being better for proximity to amenities (though worse for the actual feel of walkability).
I don't need a superstore for most of my shopping. I have certain perishables which need frequent replenishing, produce, milk, bread, etc. but when I need some more specialty items then I might make the trip out to superstore to grab something that may be harder to find.

I understand that prices may be better at stores like superstore but I find it so intriguing the lengths that people are willing to go to for a slightly better price. I prefer the convenience factor of having a store with most of the items I need at a slightly higher prices very nearby to having to hike out to a place where I can find everything at a lowerish price but requires me to go way out of my way to do it.

I guess for the specific thing we're discussing it's a matter of taste. I way prefer being in a centrally located neighbourhood that is somewhat close to everything than to live across the parking lot from a big box store but having poor accessibility to the downtown or a long commute.
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