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Originally Posted by borkborkbork View Post
How so? Served by multiple bus routes, <5 minute walk to a grocery store, 20 minute walk to the university, 5 minute walk to Shopper's Drug Mart, 10 minutes to the public library. TD and BMO in <10 minutes. Under 20 minutes to RBC and Sobey's. Tons of restaurants, chain and indie, all within 5-15 minutes walk).

It's an area with shitty design that feels hostile and barren for pedestrians, but in terms of the basic "can I walk everywhere I need to go", this area is much more walkable than Osborne Village or Wolseley or whatever neighbourhood we urbanist types tend to prefer.
That last bit is a bit (a lot) of a stretch. There are plenty of walkable amenities in those places, up to and including a large grocery store, which doesn't necessarily mean a good grocery store just to remind people. Plus the built environment actually makes the pedestrian feel welcome.

This place is close to a superstore and a bunch of other things sort of near by but I still wouldn't consider it walkable. The term implies all of these urbanist ideas, and conjures up visions of places like Osborne and Wolseley and to use the term incorrectly confuses proximity with walkability (and even though it may be "close" in that area, things are still pretty spread out. It doesn't really have the potential to be a real walkable neighbourhood, since its design does not promote a good pedestrian environment)
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