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Originally Posted by Corndogger View Post
What does it matter what side they add a lane to? Also, where are you seeing people going faster in the far left lane than in the other lanes? I see it on some city roads but they're not freeways.
Because people are dumb, lazy and don't care about lane discipline. The roads should be designed to account for this fact. By adding the lane on the right, no one bothers to move over so the lane stays empty and is almost worthless. If it was added on the left, at least people could use it properly as an overtaking lane.

This problem is even worse with climbing lanes, where even professional truck drivers are often too lazy/oblivious to move, and stay doing 80km/h up the middle.

People on the left should be going faster! That's how a multi lane road is supposed to work. Unfortunately, it is not a law in this province and no one gives a shit.
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