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Originally Posted by micahinsa View Post
The top section is really throwing me for a loop.

The renderings almost make it look like that section is a bit transparent—as if they’re just showing the massing and they’ll figure out the exterior later.

I can’t quite tell if it’s glass, or steel, or if there’s some kind of extra facade.
I see what you mean. Interestingly, however, I remember the historical review board stating that they wanted the crown to be changed to something more unique; to something that would stand out. I'm not sure they addressed that here.

Either way, one thing can definitely be said about this project - it is perhaps the first tall building in or near downtown to be fast tracked like this at current. I am guessing they feel something big developments are coming and they want in on being the first to provide high end office space, other than the new Frost Tower. I have said it many times before and I will say it again here: We should hear about something major coming to downtown SA by year end. If we don't, then this building boom will be short lived and all we can do is hope for another building boom in the near future. I'm not in the business, but forecasting and analyzing are all about the same. I am just hoping for something in the W. Pecan St. and N. Flores St. area - traffic isn't too bad, nearby parks and retail are developing for future workers, and revitalized streets and sidewalks are currently or soon to be in the works. Too bad that hotel in front of Weston Centre pulled out, that would have helped jump start the area.
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