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Originally Posted by bomberjet View Post
Flop? Harper closed the NRC on Ellice during his reign of terror on scientists and all the high paid, smart people working there left town. If that's what you mean by flop, then 100%.
You almost make Harper sound like a mustache-less Stalin lmao

But yeah, to be brutally honest, so if there's "purpose built" labs in there... why not maybe turn it into an urgent care clinic, and take some pressure off HSC? Or maybe a private school for the kids, to brainwash them all into becoming eggheads, err I mean, scientists? A lab to destroy drugs? Disease research? Antarctic core sample research, or Nunavut core samples maybe? Just seems like a massive waste, to have it sit empty, with zero purpose or reason to live.

Maybe someone from the West can try and guilt-trip Trudeau into selling the land, so someone can maybe either transform/use it, or just knock it down and build a few high-rise apartments? As long as Armour Properties doesn't get wind of this and try to build another meth mansion, the site would be extremely promising for a developer. Maybe for Towers (the company)?
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