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Here’s a link showing an updated site plan for the Shoppes At Galway. Still a lot of undeveloped land there. If you look at the site plan, there are several really small individual building lots there with some highlighted in orange. I think they might eventually be eateries of some sort as retail buildings tend to be in joined strips and eateries tend to want a drive-thru so they have to be separate. Just wild guessing here though.

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Dollarama ( not open yet ) is in the same Plaza as the new Marshalls and the new PetSmart. The building I am talking about is in the same parking lot as this, but on the opposite side of the Lot. It is currently being finished, and it looks like it will have 5 Small retail spots available in it. The far right end of the building is the spot I am referring to. it has a RED marquee up, over the door, but there is no signage up as of yet. It looks very similar to the Five Guys look.
Again, I may be wrong, but to me, it looks like a Five Guys in the works.
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