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Originally Posted by Kinguni View Post
Overheard conversations from panhandlers and conversations with panhandlers(not the drug addicts). They have to be in the prime areas though. It's general knowledge in my profession. For some reason people like to open up with us bus drivers. Stop giving them money.
Agreed. Most people give money to panhandlers thinking that they are helping combat poverty, or helping someone have a meal they otherwise would go without. Winnipeg has a plethora of options for people to get food, between Siloam Mission, Agape Table, Main Street Project, Lighthouse Mission, Salvation Army, etc, etc etc. I had worked with homeless people and ex-homeless people for a long time prior to policing. It's my experience, very little of this money is going towards food or housing. In my opinion, the average good hearted Winnipegger is being taken advantage of, thinking they're helping someone survive the night when they're actually just facilitating one of their various addiction.

I always tell them to move along. We've had near fatal incidents where panhandlers have fallen off curbs or boulevards. Giving them money in this environment isn't helping their life and it's a safety issue for them.
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