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Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
.......This of course is except for when the snow melts in spring and it takes some time to get cleaned up. It’s been an exceptionally long, slow, cold melt this year - and very windy - so it’s delayed the cleanup process...
Not in particular. The first half of April was one of the coldest on record, but the back half was warmer than average and so far May has been warmer than average as well. That said, with less than 2 mm of precipitation since April 1st (< 0.1 inch) and a few very cold nights the leaves and grass are running a good week behind where they normally would be at this time of year. Because it has been so dry, it is incredibly dusty which results in the city looking a bit dirtier than it should as even with regular cleaning everything gets coated with a film of grit.

I was in Vancouver recently and was shocked at the amount of litter in certain areas, esp. Gastown, along Granville Street and in parts of the East Side. Most of the other areas were very clean.

It appears to me that the majority of the litter that you see around Winnipeg originates from two sources: a Canadian-based coffee chain and a fast food restaurant, both of which I will leave unnamed. Perhaps they could place some signage at their drive-thru exits reminding customers not to litter. Also, if residents picked up the litter in front of their homes and apartment buildings and ensured that any litter that has accidentally fallen out of the garbage and recycling bins in back lanes is picked up as well it would go a long ways to alleviate any litter problems. It really is not at all difficult to do that, and I am tired of people saying they don't have any time to go out and pick it up. Those who moan that they never have time to do anything are the same ones that have plenty of time to be checking their cel phones every 5 minutes and at most picking up the odd bit of litter might take just a few minutes per week.
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