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Originally Posted by Arrakis View Post
Well let's see. There is already a McDonald's (two if you count the one in Walmart), Burger King, A&W, KFC, Subway, Montana's, Boston Pizza, Pizza Delight, Swiss Chalet, Starbucks and Second Cup already set up in the east end. Hopefully it will be something new over at the Field Power Centre when that area opens up. I am kinda hoping for a Harvey's or Arby's. A Jack Astor's would be nice too. Time will tell I suppose.
It would be nice to see Arby's make its way back to the city. I'm not a huge fan of Harvey's, but I only had it once while I was in Charlottetown last year. Love to see Taco Bell set up shop somewhere ...

I also saw an ad for Moxies on CBC this evening, so there's a possibility that there could be a location opening in the near future.
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