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Again, I don't disagree with you.

Originally Posted by car2004 View Post
Right, because every silhouette photo of San Antonio (both as recognition of city, tourist attraction, and news sources) never uses that damn UFO restaurant that, was only built for one single event, has become platitudinal. Every other city used their world fair tribute to brace a better skyline, not limit its potential.

*If I sound confrontational, I don't mean to be. I am just frustrated. And when I speak (write) about San Antonio's downtown and it's potential, my frustration can be strongly illustrated. I have lived here for a third of my life and, what, one building over a significant height has been built, longer for others. It's sad.
I still don't believe buildings "define" a city, but rather identify it. It is a first impression, but those can be false impressions much of the time.

I share your frustration, as do many here, that it's been 25 years since an office building of any importance has been built, but it's not solely a problem of urban core planning. It extends beyond that, to levels of education, the amount of prominent businesses headquartered/operating here, the amount of money those that are here are willing to spend and many other things.

The hope is, that with the Frost Tower, while not as tall as many hoped, will spur a more modern thinking in building design here. Time will tell.
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