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I think this is a beautiful design!
Green spaces, no more tourist stores around the perimeter, love the museum and garden rooftop overlooking the whole plaza, beautiful trees, and perfect eating and drinking spaces.....
The design is EXCELLENT and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Again, this IS SAN ANTONIO......Historical, mysterious, unique, and diverse
Not how many highrises it has, how many young people it has, and how many direct flights it has....

A skyline does NOT make a city!

So to sum this design in one word:


And GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is naïve to think cities are not defined by their skylines. When I drive to Houston, I see a prominent skyline 30 miles before even arriving in the city's urban core. Looking at Houston downtown, my initial thoughts are: "powerful, economically viable, progressive, and architecturally mastered". Arriving in San Antonio, after having been in Houston (a simple example of how close more diversified cityscapes can be, not a comparison of the cities) I see a "backward thinking and architecturally stunted city". Hopefully, however, this will change in two- 3 years time, and comments by people going to the hysterical council meetings should be considered, not taken at full merit in the decisionmaking process of whether a high rise is approved. Comments such as, "I worry this new high rise will increase traffic" - you mean "growth and development and success?" or "There is too much glass! We need to have grey and brown" - you mean you want to "degrade the architectural significance of the few uniquely build structures that still stand by making them most similar to other buildings, resulting in a much more ubiquitous cityscape?" only emanate ignorance, backward thinking, selfish, narcissistic perspectives. Because the only way to more forward is to NOT embrace the past but lean on it. A great city of architectural significance always embraces the past by moving forward in their architecture, as once did in those historical structures, thereby creating a more diversified cityscape of prominent and unique structures (i.e., Chicago, New York City, and Austin).

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