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Thanks for sharing that video! The past few weeks I've been reading more and more on the expansion. I know there was a lot of talk about Austin being in competition with us, but it'd appear that as of yesterday (deadline to submit applications) Austin didn't submit anything. I know SA was trying to sell MLS on the SA/Austin megaregion and also used Austin as an excuse for why the stadium isn't in downtown SA, since the stadium is so close to 35.

Anyone have thoughts as to who they think MLS will select? They plan for four, but only announcing two this year from what I've gathered.

San Antonio- Having SS&E as the owners is a huge plus, but plans & funding for stadium expansion leaves questions.
Phoenix- Not sure Phoenix can get its act together quickly enough for this. I live here and haven't heard much, not like I have SA.
San Diego- MLS could consider now that the Chargers have left a big void.
Sacramento- From what I've read, they seem to be the most prepared.
St. Louis- Same as San Diego, no more Rams, but city seems eager for soccer and has a good location for their stadium. Would also make a good rival for Sporting KC.
Tampa/St. Petersburg

More on Austin and MLS LINK