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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
I'm always struck by how flat it is north of Austin. Even just up the road in Williamson County on their eastern side, it's really flat. Kind of strange when you look at western Travis County just ~20 miles away. Some of the areas of Williamson County could pass for West Texas in places like Midland and Lubbock almost. Quite flat. The difference between say Williamson County and Hays County is really very striking even though they're in the same metro and are less than 50 miles apart. Even the vegetation is different. Hays tends to be more forested, rockier and hillier.
Its similar in the SA metro if you start in Wilson county (mostly flat) and drive 50 or so miles northwest into Bandera or Kendall county (hilly and rocky). Heck, you could even start in southeast Bexar county and go to the northwest part and see a drastic difference just within one county.
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