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Originally Posted by GoldenBoot View Post
Carolina is having a good year (on the field), yet its franchise is still not in the most positive of financial positions.
...and yet I still see very little support, by show of Carolina gear or by verbal poll. I see more visible support for Duke football this year; added to the support for Tar Heels, Wolfpack and the Pirates and that leaves very little room for the Panthers around here. Just like San Antonio, there are many transplants living here (in the Triangle) and I see more support for the Steelers, Eagles, Giants or Patriots combined than the Panthers.

Originally Posted by GoldenBoot View Post
The citizens of SA will be solely responsible for the success or failure of an NFL franchise in San Antonio. It is not the responsibility of Austin to help or sustain a franchise in another city...especially since it will not reap any benefits (should they be available).
It may not be Austin's responsibility, but I think (to my last point in previous comment) that some transplants may offer some help, from Austin or SA, in their hunt to show support for their "home" team. If you don't believe its possible to fill seats with the opposing teams "fans", then my first exhibit would be a Spurs-Lakers game. Is that enough to put it over the top? Probably not, but it would help out some while they built up their own fan base, and of course early success would be crucial.
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