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Originally Posted by Daren View Post
I think our biggest problem is our media market. We are still very tiny.
I believe our city "leaders" should be more focused on our media market rather than street car.
How? I have no idea.

By the way, I live in S.A. and I will be driving up to Austin to see the F1 Race!
That's a point to will be driving up to Austin for ONE race.

Let's really examine this "regional" many Austinites will actually drive to SA for multiple NFL games every year is the real question to ponder (especially considering the traffic issues in Austin and the corridor)? I believe: not many. At least not enough to count on to fill a portion of a stadium.

Should an Austinite have an affiliation with an NFL franchise, it's more likely Dallas or Houston. Citizens of Austin will not get "excited" about an NFL franchise in SA (and absolutely visa versa). It's too new. Is UTSA building a 100,000-seat stadium for its now-FBS football team? No. One must build its fan base. Even in a metro of 2.2 million people (let alone a "region" of 4.1 million). Thus, any argument trying to use the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos MSA as an additional reason to place an NFL franchise in SA is misguided and weak.

The NFL is too smart and they know this fact. In actuality, the NFL focuses on TV markets, not "potential CSA size." And at last check, the SA market does not include Austin and visa versa in their respective TV markets (to which Daren has alluded). Dallas-Ft. Worth, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach (as examples) are all individual TV markets. It really does not matter how "close" two cities's whether or not they are considered one or two individual markets.

Furthermore, and most importantly, if SA cannot stand on its own, it should not be granted a franchise (another point to which the NFL is familiar...see: Jacksonville, Tampa). Look at two of the most storied NFL franchises: Miami and Oakland...they are both currently hurting financially in "regions" that put AUS-SAT to shame in terms of population. Carolina is having a good year (on the field), yet its franchise is still not in the most positive of financial positions.

The citizens of SA will be solely responsible for the success or failure of an NFL franchise in San Antonio. It is not the responsibility of Austin to help or sustain a franchise in another city...especially since it will not reap any benefits (should they be available).
AUSTIN (City): 964,254 +22.00% - '10-'18 | AUSTIN MSA (5 counties): 2,168,316 +26.34% - '10-'18
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