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Originally Posted by JRG1974 View Post
There is a parking lot at Broadway and 3rd that I think would be a great place for a tall building. Coming from the airport, it would sit nicely in the middle of the skyline. It would bookend the business district with the Frost Tower on the west and this one on the east. It would help to frame in Travis Park and give it a little more life and purpose. It would look great come down Broadway, and it would look great behind the Christmas tree if they keep it in Travis Park.
If you're talking about this parking lot, it would be great to have two buildings there. The tall one you're talking about as the "diamond" on the eastern half and another "square" to the west.!4d-98.4869

I think from a supply & demand point of view, this area is the most likely candidate. I say that because of Frost Tower and Weston's plans combined with other developments in the works and the fact that it's already established as the "office" area of downtown with a smattering of residential mixed in.!4d-98.4869
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