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Originally Posted by prairieguy View Post
I was a bit disappointed in the floor plans. My wife and I would be looking for a 2 bedroom (no need for den, as that is just wasted space for us that could be used for larger entertaining area). However, the sq footage of 2 bedroom is quite small and I assume the price point will be in the $600's for those??

I was excited for this to maybe be an option for us, but not sure now. However, I have to say that after viewing some of the "staged units" at Riverlanding recently, it did make us re-think how much space we actually 'needed' and that smaller square footage could work.

I think staging of show suites will be super important to demonstrate to our market how you can make the space work! For sure the location is the best in the city in my opinion!
Hmmm... I have not yet seen the floorplans. I wonder if they incorporated feedback from RL customers (buyers and non-buyers alike). I am guessing that "more bedrooms" means they did.

My wife and I want to downsize, and we want 2 bedrooms. I have two friends each of whom have approx 800 sq ft 1 bedroom condos (not in Saskatoon). Their layouts are vastly different but even with just 1 bed 1 bath they both feel a bit cramped. I also have a friend with a 2 bedroom 1200 sq ft unit and it feels downright massive (the layout of that one is excellent). For me, the sweet spot for a 2 bed unit would be around 1000 sq. ft (depending on the layout of course).

Maybe the 2 bed plus den would work, but I'd also prefer the "extra space" be in the living area.

So I am not sure we would find a plan we like at highpoint. I hope they didn't misjudge the market (as if my requirements are the only ones that matter )

And, of course, ultimately the price is by far the most influential factor.
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