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Originally Posted by WibblyWobbly View Post
I hope you're aware that your architecture changed my life, this thread was a powerful powerful awakening for me as a teen getting fascinated about design! I'm now making a video game and the resembelence to your early work in my project is uncanny!
Awesome to hear! It's been an amazing project - In a way, re-imagining the world in a different way has been an escape for me over the years. As the world itself has changed, and my life has changed with it, that fictional version of it which I first conceived when this model began has remained a constant part of my imagination.

On any given day I may be busy with my shift at work or doing the laundry, or going for a walk somewhere with my wife - but somewhere in my mind's eye, I live in this fantastic place where the Twin Towers stand looking out over Bristol Bay, where the United States, Nazis, and Communists rule the world from the shores of the United Kingdom with admirable, if frightening efficiency... and I wonder what kind of a place such a world might be like. Today, I live in rather barren Helena, Montana - where cows outnumber people... but digitally, the Empire lives on, and the Metropolis thrives. ;-)

Overview looking down East State Street:

Looking South at Isis Centre:

Residential Highrises looking out over Bristol Bay - Progress was made today on adding a shoreline Quay:

Zeppelin Park on the East end of the city was updated:

And I have begun adding some flora to the area surrounding the Capitol of the United States Republic. In the world of which this fictional city exists, the United States of America is still comprised of 50 states in North America, with its regional seat of power located in Washington, D.C. - but a larger, super-state (The United States Republic, or USR) governs a unified, democratic and largely free market empire which encompasses 100 States and the entirety of North and South America. This area represents the seat of government for the USR:

Eventually I want to get back into some concept art using Sketchup or another 3-D rendering program. I take the model as a whole very seriously because I am fascinated by the possibility of eventually using it as the stage for a fictional novel.
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