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Grand Haven, Muskegon and Holland
These three yes. Muskegon would be dead without GR 25 miles away to breath a bit of life into it. Holland and Grand Haven are definitely metro GR as they meet all requirements except for falling 1% short on travel requirements. Never mind the fact that the county has almost half of its population on the border with Kent County...

Allegan, Newaygo, and Greenville/Belding are stretches, but they are definitely bedroom communitites. In a sense, part of the metro since they are almost at this point totally reliant on GR.

Plus, the Google map thing is wrong. GR and Holland are attached and GH and Muskgon almost are. Yes, there is an agricultural gap, but it is not an ocean and there is plenty of development in between - Coopersville, Allendale, Marne, etc... are all pockets of decent development in that stretch. Plus Muskegon and GH are creeping ever closer to Coopersville.
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