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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
If there’s any place in LA where you could eliminate parking minimums, it’s DTLA... not sure you could realistically do it anywhere else, given LA’s insane job sprawl. LA has a smaller percentage of jobs downtown than even Sunbelt peers like Houston or Atlanta. But at least downtown residents have access to not only downtown jobs, but also several outlying centers (Culver City, Santa Monica, North Hollywood, etc)
I never understood this logic. Eliminating parking minimums would result in developers building enough parking to meet parking demand. It's not as if removing parking minimums equates to banning parking. In other words, the same sprawlly crap with ample parking will continue to get built with or without parking minimums.

Construction lenders will also insists on some level of parking if the market analysis shows that a particular development will need x amount of spaces to be a success.

City Planning like to think they're in control here, but all they're really doing with parking minimums is encouraging car ownership by providing more parking than what the market demands.
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