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Originally Posted by Capsicum View Post
Does a working class Asian American community exist in southern/sunbelt cities? From what I've heard, Houston, Atlanta, even places like Las Vegas, Phoenix etc. are growing in Asian population (though obviously in some of these cases, Asians aren't the largest racial/ethnic minority in raw numbers). Small towns in those areas don't seem to have a large Asian presence but some are growing in bigger cities in the areas and in college towns (and if we're talking immigrants, some are refugees like Vietnamese in Houston, Louisiana historically the past few decades, and even farther back the Mississippi Delta Chinese etc.)

But I have no idea if it's well off Asian Americans or Asian immigrants directly moving to the sunbelt or not relative to those like NY or CA, perhaps Asian Americans already in expensive areas like those states moving away domestically to the Sunbelt could be a factor.
There is great variation among Asian immigrants. Generally Chinese and Indians are professional class, Filipinos and Southeast Asians are more working class. In other words the class composition of the aggregate Asian category depends on the makeup of the wider Asian American population.
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