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Originally Posted by Capsicum View Post
If it was family migration, why wouldn't California have more than its fair share of working class (not just H-1B visa crowd) since California has a longer history of Asian immigrants and thus (potentially) more families to bring through family re-unification.
I'm not sure if I agree with this. CA seems to have tons of working class Asians. I mean, half of northern OC and much of the IE is working-middle class Asian, usually mixed in with Mexican areas. Also, heavily Asian places in the Bay Area (East Bay, particularly) are an Asian-Hispanic working class mix.

Originally Posted by Capsicum View Post
I'm wondering if it has to do with lots of Asian immigrants in service/restaurant industries in NYC, and lots of "mom and pop" family business there?
NYC Asians may have slightly lower educational attainment/income because a higher proportion of NYC Asians are first generation immigrant. But comparing immigrant-to-immigrant I doubt there's a difference. NYC has a ton of first generation Asian immigrants, even compared to LA.
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