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[QUOTE=Handro;8698961]Came across this theory of North American regions today, and I'm intrigued. It groups based on historical, cultural, political, economic variances (rather than the traditional regions as the Census Bureau defines them).

It looks pretty on point to me, and I think it does a good job of explaining why the debate of which states are part of which region are so unending--some states are part of several regions, and the way we define them officially and the way we define them culturally are so different.

They are from a book by journlaist Colin Woodard. As he explains:

Since it's a good arbiter for the variables mentioned (history, culture, politics, economics), look how the regions voted in the 2016 election:

I hate this map because its based off of a Red Team blue team divide.

Both parties are "big tent" meaning the reasons Mormons and evangelicals are "conservative" is not the same reason why Farmers and suburban families are conservative, and the reason College aged urban hipsters are "progressive" is very different from why union workers are "progressive"

These from reddit based on culture/geography are better.

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