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Originally Posted by Skyguy_7 View Post
Amen to that!

So this is the actual suite they used during Kevin's stay at the "world renowned Plaza Hotel"? That'd be great if of all the suites in NYC, they chose one in Chicago.

Another interesting fact about Home Alone 2: The Rookery Building became Duncan's Toy Chest for the film.

God Bless John Hughes
Its really amazing when you think about the impact that one Director can have on a city. Losing John Hughes was a major loss to Chicago and its image.

To have a guy familiar with Chicago, its culture and its neighborhoods is huge. It can give a city some of the best PR imaginable. Today there is a tendency by Directors to just film downtown, say the movie is set in Chicago, and then shoot the neighborhood scenes for the rest of the movie in someplace like Toronto or Atlanta or LA. Its like they are afraid to get to know the real Chicago. And when they do this the viewer can tell and feel the difference because there is no place quite like Chicago.

John Hughes knew the real Chicago and he brought it to life in vivid colors. We don't have the now and for image sake we sorely miss that.