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The fine craftsmanship of PMC properties - a SMALL snippet of a much longer Yelp blurb on 2040 Market:

From day 1 (our move-in date), we found problems everywhere. The kitchen cabinets were on the verge of falling off, the washer literally spun 180 degrees to the point where we needed two people to physically turn the washer back to the front (it also shook the floor so much that our wine glasses broke the first 2 days...all the way in the kitchen), a busted corner in the bathroom wall, and the carpet was unfinished (with nails sticking out and poking our feet). We brought up all of these concerns from DAY 1 and took pictures as well as videos of the mess we moved into. Why it wasn't "move in ready" when there was a gap of over a month between us and the previous tenant, I have no idea. We haven't been able to wash our clothes (instead going to a laundromat to wash our hospital scrubs), and my toe has bled several times because of the nails sticking out of the floor b/c the carpet was unfinished.