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Originally Posted by pay homage View Post
Don't hold your breath waiting for PMC Property Group aka Philadelphia Management Company aka the worst Philly landlord ever to use "quality materials" in any of their buildings.

I lived in one of their properties and vowed never to set foot in anything they own or build ever again.

2040 Market is already falling apart inside - go on yelp and see pictures tenants have posted.
1900 Arch looks terrible and I'm sure will be falling apart soon
One Water is meh...

If it were up to me PMC would be mandated to use any money they have to renovate/upgrade their existing derelict buildings before building anything new.

If anyone from PMC is lurking just know that your designs and materials suck and need to step your game up...
That is too bad. Sorry you had to go through that bad experience.
Yes, 2040 Market looks kinda meh. That was an "add-on" too. Maybe they saved a few million bucks not to excavate, and start from scratch. At least they could have made the interior more desirable. You are the first one that I have heard any feedback on their properties, but I'm not surprised or shocked hearing that.
With 2400 Market being an add-on as well, you would think if they saved that additional money on excavating, that they could at least upgrade the materials a bit. On the exterior AND the interior.
New, is not necessarily nice.
What concerns me, and it should concern others, is that they own the property where "River Walk" was originally proposed. I do hope that PMC doesn't wreck our western portion of Center City altogether.
Doesn't the planning commission keep a close eye on the results of the finished product, instead of the nice renderings?